SharpLink empowers publishers and sports leagues to deliver perfectly timed and targeted sports betting content.


What We Do

We connect sports enthusiasts, leagues, and publishers to the most relevant and timely sports betting content in the industry.


We help publishers unlock new value from their content through automated, contextual betting product integrations that save them time and costs of production


We deliver entertainment, fun and meaningful information alongside bettable odds content to further connect Leagues with live action and bets


We provide leading online bookmakers with targeted user acquisition to increase user engagement, drive down CPAs. improve retention and increase yield

SharpLink Reduces Operational Costs & Risks That a Customer Would Incur Through Self-Delivery

Compliance Relief

SharpLink is a fully licensed and compliant sports betting affiliate with revenue share pass-through rights

Unified Betting Markets

We remove the need for multiple API integrations with individual sportsbooks and work with your existing sports data providers

Easy Implementation

We make any site a fully transactional betting site without having to get internal teans to do costly custom integrations that take time and money

User Behavior Tracking

We gain insight on the strongest markets from deep learning across the entire network in order to deliver the right message, to the right person, at the right time

Marketing Automations

We remove the need for ongoing maintenance and parsing of each sportsbook and automate the delivery of real-time creative across multiple channels

Who We Are

SharpLink executives have founded, built, and sold sports-related companies for more than 120MM in enterprise value. Our heritage lies in fantasy sports and gaming. We’ve worked at companies such as ESPN, Cantor Gaming, Sportradar, and Betfair.

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