Affiliate Marketing Services

We provide sports leagues and media companies with unmatched value.

US-based SharpLink has pioneered highly innovative, AI-enabled technology solutions and experienced-based services that seamlessly unlock the value of sports fans through sports betting made easy.

The Bot Behind the Bet

SharpLink’s smart C4 Sports Betting Conversion platform replaces generic banner ads and buttons, best guess data campaigns and missed opportunities with personalized betting offers served to sports fans in real-time and relate specifically to their favorite sports, teams and players. The result: significantly higher conversion of your sports fans to sports bettors.

Why Team with SharpLink?

Making a Dynamic Industry Manageable

We go beyond the tech, offering licensing, compliance and account management expertise that removes the hassle from competing in this dynamic industry.

Unified Betting Markets

We remove the need for multiple APIs with individual sportsbooks while working with your data providers.

Easy Implementation

Without the frustration of costly and time-consuming integrations, SharpLink makes any site a fully transactional betting site. 

Enhanced Metrics and Performance

We leverage insight on the strongest markets to deliver targeted messages which lead to higher KPIs throughout the customer pipeline.

Marketing Automation

By automating the delivery of live creative across multiple channels, SharpLink removes the stress of maintenance and parsing from different sportsbooks.

Sports Betting Data Services

SharpLink works closely with industry leading sportsbooks to ingest, normalize and monitor their betting markets; and then provides an API to give our partners near real-time access to the latest betting markets and their prices.  

Every market we ingest from a sportsbook is consolidated with AI learning, enabling partners to quickly cross-reference similar markets across differing operations and removing the need for them to parse and map new and changing market names for each sportsbook.  Our C4 technology also eliminates the need for developers to parse and understand sporting relationships across multiple sports, enabling them to automatically select the right markets.