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Core Values

Leadership: have the courage, fortitude and knowledge to confront all challenges head-on and move forward by helping others to grow and achieve optimal levels of performance.

Passion: demonstrate pride in our brand and each other through our words and actions.

Collaboration: leverage our collective genius; enthusiastically welcome and apply insight, experience, ideas and perspective gained from each other, our trusted business partners, our clients and our valued shareholders.

Performance: relentlessly aim to deliver outstanding performance with respect to the legitimate and realistic expectations of our customers and shareholders.

Integrity: be real, inspire trust and honor our word.

Innovation: engage next-level thinking in every aspect of our business operations and actively seek out opportunities to continually innovate our innovations.

Accountability: take responsibility for our actions and results and quickly learn from our mistakes; support and encourage responsible betting while also providing educational resources to help combat problem gambling.

Diversity and Inclusion: embrace and celebrate individual uniqueness and respect diversity of views, ideas and cultures.

Community-Building: engage in purposeful giving through employee service, corporate sponsorships, events, grants and other forms of critical support in the communities where we live and work.

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