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Feed Enhancement

Every sportsbook feed is different – from the API structure, to the market naming conventions, integrating each sportsbook requires bespoke code to be written and maintained.


Our Real Time API enables you to drill down to exactly the markets you need, standardized across sportsbooks. Avoid writing regex expressions to derive market properties from the event, market and selection name for every sportsbook - SharpLink does the work for you, enhancing the feed with additional market context such as the market type, what game period it relates to, whether it’s a player or team performance market, and even the settlement rules for this specific provider. And when the sportsbook changes its naming formats? Well, SharpLink has you covered - doing all the work to map the new presentation into a format you already use.


Understanding what betting content works best for your users, and tuning your campaign to make the best use of that data is important for maximizing conversion. Every interaction your user has with SharpLink content is recorded at the user level. This tracking data records everything from initial clicks and scroll events, through to betslip submission – allowing us to understand the exact path each user has taken. For Real-time API users who may choose to implement their own visualizations on screen, you are still optionally able to report tracking data to SharpLink. The tracking data is the core component which powers our personalized recommendations. But, beyond personalization of which betting content to show, there are other benefits to be gained.

Popular Markets
By tracking which markets and selections users most engage with across the SharpLink network we’re able to generate “hot markets” – promoting markets that have the highest engagement levels is an effective tactic for new users who aren’t yet eligible for personalized

Customer Segmentation
By understanding the path each user has taken, we’re able to segment those customers based on their journey. This allows us to vary the SharpLink experience, for example, providing onboarding help for users who have proceeded to a certain point but not beyond.


Placing contextually aware and relevant betting markets in front of clients is a great first step, and at times will be the most appropriate content to show. As users interact further with betting content we start to gain a greater understanding of what content is most relevant to their tastes, and this is where SharpLink specializes.

Through a combination of our enhanced feed data, and the tracking data we hold on each user, we’re able to train a range of AI and Machine Learning techniques to build personalized recommendations appropriate to each user.

For users with a high number of SharpLink interactions we’re able to train our recommendation engine to output markets and entities which we know the user prefers, as well as make suggestions based on what similar users are betting on.

For those users who have only a small number of interactions, we still leverage our AI/ML models to make more broad recommendations based on the more limited set of data points we have on the user. Although not as refined as our personalized recommendations, these still consistently outperform our previous default sorting algorithm.

While interactions grow the depth of the data we have on a user, we also seek to grow the width of the data – adding additional fields from you, the client, such as age of account, age of user, site preferences, and other demographic indicators.

As we expand and refine these models we continue to see improvements in engagement, and re-engagement rates – showing the right content, in the right place, at the right time.


Let SharpLink help you understand the value of your audience.

We track users from their first interactions, all the way through to the sportsbook, gaining an understanding of when they’ve registered, deposited, placed their first bet, and re-engaged through your asset.

Our wide industry experience gives us insight into the fair market value for your audience, giving you confidence you’re getting the right deal from your sportsbook partner.

We’ll hold weekly meetings with you to understand the levels of engagement, the outcome of a/b tests, and make recommendations for further changes which we can implement on your property to maximize conversion.